Michael Hart, Ph.D.


About Me

I'm an Assistant Professor of English at Lane College, a small HBC located in western Tennessee, where I teach courses on Anglophone literature, film, and critical theory. My scholarship focuses on the sociopolitical history of English literary studies as well as its anti-capital potentials; my work has been published in Modernism/modernity, Adaptation, the Journal of Modern Literature, and the Hemingway Review. Recently, I contributed a chapter on Virginia Woolf and her feminist theories of the university for Critical Insights on Virginia Woolf from Salem Press; likewise, I have a piece forthcoming in Modernism and Literature: A Reconsideration that focuses on the literary representation of universities in England. I am also interested in Disability Studies and my chapter on “Illness and Disability Narratives” can be found in the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Literature. 

Prior to joining the Lane College Faculty in 2021, I was a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the Pennsylvania State University, where I had earned my PhD. During that time, I also taught at the Centre County Correctional Facility as part of Penn State's Restorative Justice Initiative.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy powerlifting, playing chess, and cuddling with my two bulldogs, Samson and Tony.